Croonin' for Crohn's Links of Interest

Links Relating to Crohn's Disease

Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America (CCFA)
CCFA is the central location for Crohn's news and fundraising. It is this organization that will receive the funds raised by Croonin' for Crohn's.

Croonin' for Crohn's 2007
Check the web site for the inagural C4C event...

Croonin' for Crohn's 2008
...or from the second C4C event...

Croonin' for Crohn's 2009
...or from the third!

I've Got Guts
In 2005, Lawrence County folks and those in surrounding areas supported a major Crohn's fundraiser that involved skydiving. "I've Got Guts" was the fundraiser's official web site.

True Guts
This is the web site for the film True Guts, by Josh Golder. True Guts is the story of what happens when individuals turn life altering Crohn's Disease and Colitis into a personal springboard to get more from life.

UC and Crohn's
Teens get ulcerative colitis and Crohn's too. This site is designed specifically for adolescents with Crohn's and colitis. However, it's helpful for adults, as well.

Other Related Links

Croonin' for Crohn's Poster
Download this poster and hang it up in your office, on your refrigerator, or anywhere else that gets lots of foot traffic!

Croonin' for Crohn's Slideshows and Video Clips
View photos and watch videos from other Croonin' for Crohn's concerts!

Forever Gold
Learn more about Forever Gold, the featured performers of "Croonin' for Crohn's," at their web site!

JoAnna Kai Cobb
Visit Croonin' for Crohn's performer and organizer JoAnna Kai Cobb's web site to learn more about her music.

Music Sample — Forever Gold Singing "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"
Check out "The Lion Sleeps Tonight," a song which was performed by Forever Gold at "Croonin for Crohn's" in 2007.

Music Sample — JoAnna Kai Cobb Singing "I've Been Everywhere"
Check out "I've Been Everywhere," a song which was performed by JoAnna Kai Cobb at "Croonin for Crohn's" in 2007.

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